Exceptional teaching standards


We aim to provide each student with outstanding lessons. Our founder is studying her Masters in Education and has a wealth of experience. We regularly conduct research into how we can improve our lessons. 

Quality assurance

Quality assurance will be achieved through structured lesson observations and professional feedback from other instrumental teachers, agencies and staff. All have enhanced DBS clearance. Teachers have knowledge of progression routes to further develop pupils' abilities including music exams, out-of-school Music Centres which offer ensemble playing, and opportunities for the most gifted pupils.  


The 'Personal Plan to Stardom' is an innovation for 2015. This provides a means of communication between young musicians, teacher and parent/carer whilst providing a record of tasks, pieces studied and achievement. The plan includes a practice diary, a weekly challenge, songs to practice, scales and warm ups. There will be an award system in place for achievements on songs and practice.




Optional summative assessment of learning is tested in two ways. The first is at an end of year concert and the other is through the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ASRSM) exam. ABRSM is one of four examination boards accredited by Ofqual to award graded exams within the UK’s national qualifications framework. Practical exams include set pieces, scales, sight reading, and aural. 


End of year performance- Music! Train your brain provides opportunities for all students to perform in an end of term concert to evaluate whether students have reached their expected level and to give them a goal to work towards, whilst practicing their performance skills. 



We use many types of formative assessment to improve students learning throughout the year. Formative assessment is used on a weekly basis, telling students thier achievements and what they can improve for the next lesson. 


  • We use the goal, medal and mission. We make it clear what the students should try to do, tell them what they have done well, and also how they can improve it.

  • We use peer assessment in group lessons, where students will offer advice on how students can improve their songs.

  • We often use self assessment getting students to evaluate their own performance, highlighting what they done well and what they feel they should work on.


In addition to communicating progress in the ‘Personal Plan to Stardom’, music tutors will complete thorough reports at the end of each academic year. If students decide to complete the ABRSM grades, examiners provide reports for future improvement.


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