FAQ's for schools

What will the school have to do for the music programme?

We will work with the school to develop a personalised plan. The rest will be taken care by us. We will organise all marketing, payment, timetabling and concerts etc. 

How can the school or students hire instruments?

Cornwall Music Education Hub has a large pool of instruments which may be hired by any individual, depending on availability. Hire cost is between £23 and £28 per term.

How do we get started?

Contact Alex Delling for further information or to organise a meeting. Your personal requirements will need to be discussed and how we can meet them.  

How will the school fund the lessons?

  • Apply for grants such as First Access, Grants For The Arts, Subsidised Lessons through the Cornwall Education Hub. We can help you with the application.

  • Hand over costs to parents for those students that are interested. 

  • Pay in full from the school budget.

  • Subsidise lessons with the school budget and parental payments. 

  • Students in exceptional circumstances can apply to have their fees reduced or paid for in full through pupil premium.

How will the timetabling work?

There are various options that can be discussed with schools or parents. Some schools opt to keep the child’s lesson the same time every week, some school opt for a week A and B rotation so that the child is not missing out on the same lesson every week. Individual cases can also be discussed, for example when a child is falling behind in a certain lesson, the music lesson can be timetabled around this. We will search the child’s schedule to find the best possible time slot.

Who teaches the lessons?

All lessons are taugh by self-employed fully qualified music teachers. You can read more about our instructors on are website. We are likely to increase the amount of teachers if there is a high interest in lessons from students. 

What is the starting age for instrumental lessons?

Year one is usually the starting age for learning a musical instruments such as the piano or recorder. Younger students can benefit from lessons but each child will be individually assessed to see if they can concentrate and comprehend the lesson. 

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